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About It’s Going To Be Ok Inc.

It’s Going To Be Ok Inc. (IGTBOK) was founded to bring awareness, help, provide hope and healing to those affected by human trafficking, and sexual exploitation by CEO Survivor Tonya Stafford. We are a nonprofit organization that is passionate about educating, and eradicating human trafficking.

IGTBOK Mission

Our mission at It’s Going To Be OK Inc. is to eradicate human trafficking and seek to create a just world where women, children, and all vulnerable adults are safe, respected, and valued.

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Tonya Stafford’s Story

Tonya Stafford desire for helping other’s comes from a traumatic life, a childhood of sexual molestation, rape, physical abuse and Human Trafficking. In the fall 2014, It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc. (IGTBOK, Inc.) was founded. After receiving a scholarship from Dr. Frowsa Booker-Drew, with World Vision, Tonya found herself sitting in a human trafficking class sponsored by the City of Dallas: Greater Dallas Movement Day where other victims, supporters and advocates were sharing their stories and then, she was asked to share her story.

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With every donation you make to IGTBOK Inc. it not only helps our organization bring awareness through education and speaking engagements, but help us provide support programs for human trafficking victims and survivors.  Your donations also help support legislation that we can bring to our representatives in order to strengthen human trafficking laws as well as provide state & federal funding for victims in the state of Texas.

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HB 2290 – Human Trafficking Awareness Month

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Volunteer with IGTBOK Inc. if you are ready to end Human Trafficking or support the victims of human trafficking and help them get back on their feet.

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Estimated people who are slaves across the world
Are Children
Are Women and Girls
Average Cost of a Slave
Are Men and Boys
0Billion Dollars
How much money Slavery generates

Human Trafficking Statistics – Free The Slaves – www.freetheslaves.netFact Sheet

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