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It’s Going To Be Ok Inc. History

It’s Going To Be Ok Inc. (IGTBOK) was started by Tonya Stafford a survivor herself of human trafficking to help human trafficking survivors.  It is her vision to eradicate human trafficking one survivor at a time through rescue, restoration, and education. Tonya’s vision is aimed at those from all backgrounds, and ethnicity regardless of who they are. Tonya started IGTBOK in 2014 and from there IGTBOK has grown and been recognized throughout the state of Texas and the United States.

It’s Going To Be Ok Inc. CEO/Founder

As Founder/CEO of It’s Going To Be OK, Inc. it brings me great pleasure, privilege and an honor to have organized a non-profit that facilitates educating and eradicating human trafficking; an issue that is very near and dear to my heart because I have lived through its exploitation and victimization. Its Going To Be OK, Inc.’s character defines how we communicate who we are, what we do and how we do it. These characteristics enable It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc. to provide a message and materials that can be contextualized for any audience or region whilst maintaining an undeniable sense of who we are. The organization conveys the issue of human trafficking without cliché, tired or expected images. We are innovative and challenging in our approach. The organization strives to be creative and different to provoke understanding and ultimately action that will end the buying and selling of people. As President Obama has said, “It’s time to call human trafficking what it really is modern day slavery”. Moreover, approximately 300,000 children every year are at risk of being trafficked for sex in the United States.  Because of this It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc. is dedicated in empowering those who have experienced trafficking, those who’ve never heard of it and those who want to do something to prevent it. I invite people to hear and respond to our message. I am driven to bring change that will prevent and end the buying and selling of people with tact and sensitivity.

All communications conform to brand guidelines and it is understood this is within the resources and budget available.  Nonetheless, effective communication and messages are central to our campaigning movements.

Be a part of It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc. amazing growing movement of individuals, communities, businesses and organizations, in every corner of the globe.

IGTBOK Mission

Our mission at It’s Going To Be OK Inc. is to eradicate human trafficking and to create a just world where women, children, and all vulnerable adults are safe, respected, and valued.


To Eradicate human trafficking one survivor at a time.

IGTBOK Beliefs

We believe:

  • Putting the well-being of the survivor first.
  • Restoration
  • Our communities is essential.
  • Provide the Best In Care
  • Giving Hope To Survivors

IGTBOK Supporters

Brickhouse Lounge

State Rep Tan Parker see attached Endorsement letter

Ester Davis(The Ester Davis TV Show)

The Dallas Post Tribune

Dallas Elite News

Dallas County Peace Officers Association


Texas Women University

IGTBOK Non-Profit Status

EIN # 46-5139883
Public Charity Status 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi)