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Tonya Stafford

Tonya Stafford’s Story

Tonya’s desire for helping other’s comes from a traumatic life, a childhood of sexual molestation, physical abuse, rape and ultimately sold. In the fall 2014, It’s Going To Be OK, Inc. (IGTBOK, Inc.) was founded. After receiving a scholarship from Dr. Frowsa Booker-Drew, with World Vision, Tonya found herself sitting in a human trafficking class sponsored by the City of Dallas: Greater Dallas Movement Day where other victims, supporters and advocates were sharing their stories and then, she was asked to share her story. She shared how her life had been changed forever, and how she made it out. Tonya shared her hopes for starting a non- profit, with dreams of helping others become free of human trafficking. There was not a dry eye.

Tonya Stafford is a native of Dallas, Texas, with over 10 years of experience working with women, young girls, and children. Her love for them keeps her focused on their safety. Her degree is in Early Childhood Education. Tonya is a Certified Mediator, a Registered Level Trainer with The Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS). She is a two-term Board Member for Head Start of Greater Dallas (HSGD), Texas Head Start Association (THSA), and HSGD Policy Council. Tonya has also been trained by Texas Against Sexual Assault (TAASA). Her passion and focus remains to protect women, young girls, and children.

Her commitment is to further her knowledge and education in best practice on how to best keep them safe.  Tonya is dedicated to advocate as a voice for women and children as she has done by testifying to the Texas State Senate Hearing Committee for Human Trafficking and was well received by getting the State of Texas to recognize January as Human Trafficking Month (HB 2290) passed on September 1, 2015.  She also serves as a voice for those silenced by death and the innocent victims who cannot otherwise speak for themselves.

Tonya Stafford, a National Community Liaison for Dallas Men Winning Against Domestic Violence (DMWDV), is a consummate grassroots professional and expert in the Domestic Violence Awareness and Human Trafficking epidemic that plagues our world, country and the State of Texas. Tonya Stafford volunteers with, The Prostitution Diversion Initiative (For The Sake Of One) first implemented by the Dallas Police Department in 2007. Instead of viewing prostitutes as criminals the Dallas Police Department would approach them as victims, bring resources from a large cross section of organizations into the streets where the prostitutes work. Moreover, because of her dedication to eradicating human trafficking Dallas County has chosen to stand with her and her organization It’s Going To Be Ok, Inc. and presented a proclamation to her on January 5, 2016.  Tonya’s experience brings awareness and education to the public by helping identify current and potential victims while creating solutions to eradicate those issues on local and worldwide levels. Tonya shares her story to help others to see there is hope after trafficking, abuse and neglect.