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Welcome to the IGTBOK media page. We have listed all the articles, audio recordings and videos of our organization spreading our message.


My Day: “Nobody Looked For Me” – Part One

January is Human Trafficking  Month, and Texas holds a prominent position in the national lineup, which is very close to the top.

Our interpretation of humans , primarily children, who are held in slavery worldwide is not a complete one.  Human Trafficking occurs in your backyardr, across the street from you and in many, many neighborhood.  Who knows, your street could have a person being held against their will, and you have seen her or him.  Read Full Article.

North Texas Sex Slave Survivor Steps Out Of Shadows For Interview

Sold for sex – it’s a crime happening behind more closed doors than you might think. And sex trafficking is becoming worse in Texas than almost anywhere else in the country.  Read Full Article.

Local agencies applaud crackdown

The investigation into Dallas- based, and the arrest of CEO Carl Ferrer is welcome news to sex-trafficking survivor Tonya Stafford, even though in her case she wasn’t trafficked by a website or an accused online pimp.  Read Full Article.

North Texas Woman Hopes App Will Help Human Trafficking Victims Be Seen

“What about the house next door?” asked Tonya Stafford, a human trafficking survivor. “I was in the house next door. Looks just like your house, my house, and everybody passed us up.”  Stafford said she was trafficked in 1988, when she was just 13-years old.  Read Full Article.