IGTBOK Mission for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Our mission at It’s Going To Be OK Inc. is to eradicate human trafficking and to create a just world where women, children, and all vulnerable adults are safe, respected, and valued.

It’s Going To Be Ok Inc. (IGTBOK) was founded to bring awareness, help, provide hope and healing to those affected by human trafficking, and sexual exploitation by CEO Survivor Tonya Stafford. We are a nonprofit organization that is passionate about educating, and eradicating human trafficking.

Ways To Support IGTBOK

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Together, we’re giving futures back. So far, we’ve rescued over 100 human trafficking victims, but we need your support. With your donations, we combine all our resources and talents to accomplish two things: One, to help those we’ve rescued have a second chance at life. Two, to continue searching for those who are still trapped and rescue them. Your gift makes it possible for each victim to receive shelter, medical care, trauma therapy, education, life skills, job training, and love. We’ve come a long way on our journey, but this is only the beginning.

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